Everjobs Uganda Review: Job searching just got easier


Everjobs Uganda is a Africa Internet Holdings Group founded startup that focuses on the job market enabling the jobless find employment opportunities on its web platform. Everjobs also makes it easier for employers to share job opportunities on a unified platform making it easier for people to search for jobs.

Everjobs not only lists jobs but offers employment and career advise with tools likes its CV generator and its Job Journal which features well written articles about careers, interviews, and ways to behave at your workplace.

The website is rather simple to use and lightweight too (They probably care about your data bundle). The sign up process doesn’t ask for much and the ability to sign in with LinkedIn and Facebook is available and it will save you minutes of building your CV.

Everjobs search is highly functional and it addresses the problems most Job search faces such as finding companies with Job offering and all this is properly categorized according to a designated career field. You just need to click one button to apply for a job, however you will need your CV to be at least 55% complete.

One-click Job Application process makes everjobs.ug so simple and elegant.

The platform helps you generate a CV (Curriculum Vitae) by entering your details in categories, including what your Job interest are, what your looking for, where you have worked before and the level of proficiency in languages you speak. After entering all this information there is a cool button to generate your CV as a PDF. Talk about being saved from pannick attacks when you can’t find your CV.

A Screenshot of the CV builder
A Screenshot of the CV builder

Everjobs also gives you a dashboard with notifications about the jobs you applied for and you can quickly find the saved jobs in case you needed time thinking about a particular opportunity. The dashboard also alerts you when a recruiter checks your application which should give you a reasonable amount of hope.

Everjobs also aides recruiters/ employers time wasted going through paper based CVs, by enabling filters and considering that the applications come in the same format, going through them is a really simple process. Recruiters can also check the Everjobs database to search for potential recruits by viewing their CVs and contact them through email or phone however contact information will not be available because Everjobs values these as its assests.

Everjobs is also mobile friendly meaning you can use your phone to search for jobs

Everjobs.ug on mobile

Everjobs.ug is yet another startup that aims to improve the lives of not only Ugandans but people in other countries as well (4 in Africa to be precise). Tried it and it definitely works well. You can share your Everjobs experience in the comments below.

Mobile friendliness
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everjobs-uganda-review-job-searching-just-got-easierThe ability to search and apply for jobs with simplity and speed is awesome! And that's what Everjobs helps you do. We definately loved the one-click job application process.