Samsung users are familiar to the heavily skinned OS from Samsung dubbed TouchWiz which not so many people like. In fact every year we pray Samsung tonnes it done to look more like stock Android.

Lucky S6 and S6 Edge users now have a Material Design based theme in the S6 and S6 Edge’s theme store. This theme gives the flagship a more lollipop feel as compared to the cluttered default touchwiz skin. This brings a Nexus like design to a Samsung Devices.

The ‘Material’ Theme which was designed by Samer Zayer combines a blend of material wallpapers, icons, lockscreen, settings, app launcher, calculator, dialer, clock, messaging and notification area got a material/ lollipop feel.

Considering that this Theme is deeply integrated into the S6 and S6 Edge Theme Store, there is no way we can link to it but you will need to search for a theme called “Material” and just in case their annoying search feature doesn’t bring it up, you can check the “New Themes” or “Themes for Man”

Here are the screenshots

Screenshot Credit: AP