WhatApp starts banning users of WhatsApp plus and other 3rd party clients


The Facebook owned WhatsApp has begun giving users of the 3rd party customizable WhatsApp clients like WhatsApp+ and WhatsApp MD for 24 hours until they switch to the official WhatsApp application.

Users are given a 24-hour countdown timer and directed to what appears to be an un-indexed page on WhatsApp’s official FAQ .


Its seems whatApp has figured out a way to check for the app version and signature which its using to ban users. Well it might take a while for third party Apps like WhatsApp plus which posted on its Google+ page asking its users to switch to the official WhatsApp App as a fix is being found.

This doesn’t seem like a war the third party apps will win because Facebook has made it a violation of Terms of Service. WhatsApp+ might find a fix but WhatsApp will definitely find a solution immediately forcing them to find another hack which might not be an easy task.

For now, please switch to the official WhatsApp application from Google Play or the WhatsApp website.

Screenshot of WhatsApp’s FAQ page talking about users being banned

Via: Android Police