There’s are new battery hacks I have figured out. Well i may not be the first to discover them but the heck, why not share the fun.

Smartphone users have for long been whining about how their batteries are drained so fast.  Today, I have come up with some solutions that can help you get extended battery life. Let’s dive right in.

1. When charging, turn on Airplane mode.  Okay this isn’t a battery Optimization trick… It’s  a trick that helps you get a faster charge.

2. Charge when the phone is switched off.  That serves the same purpose as 1 above.

3. Use power saving mode.  The latest android versions all have this feature. Some custom ROMs even step it up the notch like touchwiz which turns everything to black and white monochrome.

4. Do not use the phone while it’s charging. Hmm okay, i might be breaking this particular rule but what the heck.  I can afford a new battery.

5. Invest in a power bank.  There are many of these on the market today.  You can Grab a techno one. That one even has a torch on it.

6. Buy a second battery.  What can i say… It doesn’t hurt to own more than one battery.

7. Look for a Chinese alternative. I understand in Ug Chinese means fake but these guys are freakin awesome. They have made batteries twice, tripple even quadruple the energy of Stock batteries.  There’s one i owned that ran for a week. Some guy stole it naye.

8. Uhm what else? Yes. Battery hogging apps. These are well know: candy crash, facebook, instagram, photogrid simaya what. Guys and babes.  Control yourselvez. Play one game a day. If not uninstall those addictive bu things. It’s a better option.

9. Turn off sync, wifi, Bluetooth, data, sound, decrease the brightness oba set it to auto for us that have light sensors, turn off the camera flash, those bu key pad sounds as you dail, live wall papers,un funny animations and transitions, GPS bikoze bitya.  Pretty much whatever you don’t need at that given juncture.

10. Buy a second smartphone. That’s a little harsh if not drastic. This only applies to rich gangs and billionaire club members. Do not risk if you are in  broke gang. Mbs are not cheap

11. Download battery optimizer apps. Most of them have the word juice in it. Yes don’t expect juice of course…  Thirsty pervert. Some anti-viruses like AVG, 360 and kaspersky have these features inbuilt.

12. If all that is hard. Just turn off your phone.

There you have it.  So guys, Stop moving around with funny chargers made from mutaasa or borrowing a usb cable from strangers
Nice time folks