memeTox Review: This App will kill you with Laughter


I was in the middle of a rather boring meeting when i got a message asking me to try the memetox app out. I hit the PlayStore and downloaded memeTox an app made from the same developer of Woloks. I was prompted to enter my details into the app. Immediately I was logged in i was greeted with a screen with a good number funny memes. I had to bite my lips because i was lost in a world of laughter.

The memes are crowd sourced meaning your images will be shared to lots of people and you will receive a feed basing on an unknown algorithm. You are shown a tonne of funny images that fellow users have uploaded to the app.

The current users seem to base images basing on current events because the memes suit different scenarios and occasions in our daily life like the Mbabazi saga, Obama’s statements. You will realize these memes tell a story and definitely a funny one.

I loved Vote feature which ranks photos based on users votes. We all love hash tags and memeTox lets you look at photos based on a particular hash tag and for those who want lots of votes, hashtags come in handy.

Currently The Developer Ivan Mworozi is running a promotion that rewards the user whose photo has the most likes with 10,000 worth of airtime. Trust me this is no easy war, its like trying to be the best comedian in the country.

You will be able to comment and tag your friends so that they can see the funniest photos and this will boost your ranking of the day or week to become an eligible winner for the week.

MemeTox is the app you open up in that boring meeting, lecture or outing and get the widest smile. I must warn you though, you might laugh during a funerals but it might be worth it. It has a few glitchesbut you will probably laugh your way through them

Please put a smile on your face by downloading MemeTox from the PlayStore.

Here are a few Screenshots






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