Airtel TRACE music star! Use your phone to become Africa’s next star


In a promotion dubbed Airtel TRACE music star, Airtel Uganda & Trace launched a new service that lets subscribers use their mobile phones to join a music talent search competition by dailing 162.

This a rather better way because it uses the Country’s commonest piece of technology to reach youth.
Airtel TRACE music star comes in two languages; english and Luganda.

All a user has to do is dail 162 and follow the prompts. Participants will be given a code which they can share with their friends who can vote for their friends.

Every minute you call in will cost you 7 shillings per second. Meaning that you can use 500/- for a minute which is a smaller cost compared to what you would pay to go to an audition

Different categories will have different judges where groups participants will be judged by Washington the producer, Rappers will be judged by Gnl zamba, ladies by Sanyu FM’s fatboy, boys by Cindy and Participants aged 35yrs and older will be judged by Alex Ndawula. Bugembe and Chameleon will come to help with the judges once in a while.

September and November will have heavy activations, where judges will get the best 10 best per category in December and they will compete until the Grand Finale on January 14th for Uganda will have the grande finale where winners will win 100million and fly with the other best 8 groups to be mentored by Akon where they get a recording contract for one year.

At the press conference at Airtel Headquarters, Arindam Chakrabarty, Airtel’s Chief Comercial Officer told press that Airtel is proud to have 2 winners in Airtel’s past Rising stars winners in the Uganda Cranes, and 2 females on the female cranes team….. Airtel is proud to promote talent in Africa, he also shared that Uganda is one of the most Youthful nations in Africa.

Below is a pictorial summary of what went down

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