Outbox Hub hosted the Garage48 Intel Ideation camp, an event that aimed at preparing Techies and startups for the upcoming Garage 48 hackathon. Abigael Wangui and Mark from iHub Kenya who were sent by Intel took attendees through the various sessions.

Abigal started with a session that explained innovation, inventions and how to successfully implement new ideas. She tackled the million dollar “What is innovation?” question. She was clear enough to tackle the basics on Initiative and entrepreneurship, through a six step stages.

[quote_right]”Ideas are cheap, execution is everything”[/quote_right]

She shared about the Intel Youth Enterprise Program which provides trains startups how to pitch and implement ideas, because startups might think they have the best ideas but sharing them in front of a panel becomes a problem.

[quote_box_center]The world is made by people who were no smarter than you! Don’t be afraid to change – Steve Jobs¬†[/quote_box_center]

The event required us to form teams that comprise of a Hacker, Artist and a Hustler. Hustlers in the business sense, artists in reference to designers and hackers are techies. The groups were chosen in a close to random manner which seen died that every team had at least 2 hackers, hustlers, and artists.
This kind of arrangement promoted teamwork and sharing ideas and followed a six stage program.


Stage 1: Understand
In this stage the different groups had to choose amongst the health, education and agricultural sector. We had to identify the various challenges in this sector.

Stage 2: Identify
Here every group had to list their target users and zero down to a main target user for their solution. This is important because it creates a focal point to further analyse and describe the problems they had listed.
Those reading this might think it was easy, but it’s actually a brain tasking activity. In fact some groups had spaces on their answer sheets.

I was impressed by the idea of buddy teams where different groups worked together using the ‘watering hole’ theme for animals in the savannah.

Abigail also concluded with the importance of catching up with trends. She shared the “SoLoMo” idea which stands for Social, Local, Mobile. There was a brief interaction on the new trends in technology and people shared what apps they used. Well for those who love keeping up with trends are in the right place.

The event continues tomorrow, unfortunately you will need to have registered today. You will need to catch up with Outbox’s website for another event that is relevant to you.