Social Media Day Kampala highlights


The Social Media community in Uganda came together to celebrate social media day with the rest of the world. Inspired by meet ups by Mashable. Virtual Trends organized a highly attended event at Hive Colab alongside other sponsors pulled off one of the biggest events for social media junkies.

The event had intense discussions on whether Ugandans understand the internet, and whether social media makes us more anti-social. The panel and audience had a heated debate airing their views offline this time, an off course the hash tag #smdayKla had to trends. Its what you would expect when you put social media lovers in the same room with free internet and promise the tweep with most tweets a tablet and smartphones.

More issues were raised when the question, ‘Do Ugandans understand the internet?’ was paused and Albert Mucunguzi, the founder of Pc Tech, shared his views on how Ugandans have embraced the internet today which wasn’t the case a few years back.

Then Patricia Kahil, a technology editor at Ugo, shared her views alongside Daniel Mumbere of Urban Tv on the issue of, social media being anti social. Patricia said, “If you are seated in the bar and you are on your phone then social media becomes anti-social..” she added that ” Don’t spend a lot of time on your phone because you will miss out alot.” Daniel Mumbere said that “social media amplifies who you are if you are social in reallife, if you are social you will become more social, if you are anti social you might become more anti-social.

The evening ended with a few speeches, gadget giveaways by Smile Telecom and Airtel and a really tasty cake, and yeah i was lucky enough to eat the part that had a blogger logo.




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