Kaymu Uganda Review: Shopping just became awesome!


Kaymu is an online marketplace which hails from over 20 emerging markets. It launched its services in Uganda launched to make our online shopping experience more awesome by tackling all the challenges previous markets had failed to understand or manage.

Kaymu can be accessed by logging into www.kaymu.co.ug for the dedicated Ugandan portal and Kaymu.com for the other global markets. Am going to share my experience using Kaymu Uganda.

Beyond buying

Buying is as simple as visiting the website and finding an assortment of items you need, logging in or signing up with a pretty simple form, then the magic begins. Items are properly organized into simple and precise categories, and search works and there is great detail compared to their competition. You will realize images by most of the sellers are clear enough, which mean you will receive what you actually see.

For those who love bargaining, Kaymu Uganda,  lets you bid on a product until the seller agrees to you amount.

Simplified Selling

Whether you are the seller who wants to get rid of your old stuff, or a professional merchant, Kaymu has space for you. The website lets you sign up and sell your items and for those who want to take things seriously, Kaymu has a “Verified Seller” program which gives ‘verified seller’ badges to sellers who they have been vetted and have physically verified their location and telephone contacts. This has been done to prevent scams.

Kaymu Uganda is your online shopping saviour!

Legitmate sales

Kaymu knows the pain buyers get when they buy an imitation instead of the original product. Trust me this is common in our emerging markets, so Kaymu has an option in the product description catalog where you state whether a product is original or an imitation. Sellers must specifiy whether a product is Original or a Replica so as to prevent customer complaints.

Delivery and Payment

Kaymu Uganda will deliver to you Home or office depending on the physical address you give them, we got a call on delivery of our order and a delivery agent dressed in a blue, Kaymu branded t-shirt  asked for my ID and gave me my package after a paid in Cash.

Kaymu Uganda supports payment on delivery so you needn’t worry about credit card details. Shout outs to Kaymu Uganda for understanding a Ugandan market that isn’t so VISA payment savvy.

You can also contact the seller and agree on a time and location where to pick up an item if you want to cut delivery costs which some sellers might charge.

Fast and human Support

I have not seen many Ugandan based websites with real time support like Kaymu, and hell no its not a BOT because i tricked it with all kinds of jargon so as to get a response on an inquiry and i got my inquiry answered to alongside a followup email. This support can be accessed from a ‘We Are Here’ popup box on the bottom right of the website.

On your Phone and Tablet

image  Kaymu Uganda on Mobile

I loved their mobile website which gives you the option to switch back to the desktop site so that you never lose your shopping experience. Lets hope an app is in the making!

Some buyers might have trust issues, which brings me to experience these guys have, i asked a guest blogger in Tanzania who assured me their services are exceptional, they even have a well detailed FAQs page to guide users.


When I contacted these guys they shared the future with me, more payment options with partners, and faster delivery and more that i will share when its public.

When a saviour comes after several prophets have failed, you have all reasons to to sing praises.

Kaymu is Uganda’s eBay!

Kaymu is that service that won’t disappoint you any time you try it. Feel free to let me know about you experience with Kaymu Online marketplace.