gets in-browser pop-up notifications


The micro-blogging platform never seems to run out of changes and new features to roll out after a total android app UI interface overhaul, a Facebook like profile page and more changes.

Today Twitter posted that it will be rolling put pop-up notifications for users who visit the desktop version i.e The notifications will appear similarly to Facebook notifications for messages.

Users will get interactive notifications for Tweet replies, Retweets, new followers, favourites and direct messages. You will be able to respond to a particular notification from the pop-up without having to click on a new page.

Twitter knows you might not like the service so they have added options on the settings menu for you to manage which notifications you get for what.

We loved Twitter for being this simple platform, however it seems to be adding new features some that users will love and other we might not like that much. However as this feat rolls out, I have a feeling we will like it.

Source: Twitter