Facebook cleans up spam and like-baiting posts from NewsFeed


I guess you have come across post on Facebook that entices you to share it not because its relevant or fun to read but because you conscience has been played with or the publisher is asking very mercifully.

Today, Facebook has announced that it will be ridding your NewsFeed of spammy posts, like-baiting posts, posts where publishers have asked for comments and likes and posta that like to content that is different from what they claim to be linking to.

So to avoid all this, publishers have to make sure they don’t ask uses for like or share returns, post links to spammy websites or to unrelated content, and repeatedly posting the same content.
And as a punishment, publishers who break thia conduct might not appear in user’s NewsFeed again.

This is Facebook’s struggle to see that spammy content doesn’t overshadow the information you want to see say a photo from a friend.
However Facebook says majority of publishers are not spammers so you shouldn’t be worried about your Facebook page.

Thank God I no longer have to see pictures of wounded dogs, animals, or posts asking me to like them “If I Love God”. Many of which have been popularity stunts.

We also promise not to post spammy posts on pur Facebook page

Source: Facebook NewsRoom