France slaps Google with a €150,000 fine


Google has had several issues operating in France ever since the country developed strict policies in regards to content on French websites and Google had to review the way it indexes French content or news and some content has been de-indexed.

Previously the search engine has had been fined by France’s privacy regulator, the National Commission on Computing and Freedom (CNIL) fined Google  €150,000 which is about $204,000 for breaking the law with its unified privacy policy.

Much as this is a reduction from what the CNIL had threatened in September ie. €300,000 but the regulator has requested Google to display a notice on its homepage for two days explaining the decision.

This is one of the many privacy-related investigations against Google in Europe as 6 European countries have launched probes into Google’s privacy policies, with Spain fining the company €900,000 ($1.2 million) just last month.

Google has kept silent on the matter in regards to its privacy policies but as lawsuits and fines increase the company might be forced to amend its policies.

Source: Engadget