Firefighter writes Google Glass apps to make saving life easier


Patrick Jackson of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, a firefighter is writing code to help rescue teams save time—and lives. He has ported his apps to Google glass.

He has written apps that do things such as his incident notifications app that routes incoming emergency calls to his Google Glass, and provides an address, map, and notes from the 911 emergency center. The app also gives him turn-by-turn navigation to get to the scene of the emergency.

His “find a hydrant” app shows
the closest fire hydrants to where
emergency call was made.

Micheal has been using his limited free time in a career that is filled with uncertain and emergency calls to take some hours off and code to make saving life easier. He is also working on some rather powerful apps that once finished should provide building blueprints and building plans in case of a fire to firefighters so that they make a proper entry strategy.
The other provides schematics for a vehicle to show how to enter while using fire fighting tools.

He wrote the apps using the Google Glass mirror API without a headset but now Google has given him Google Glass and the development kit should aid his development.

These apps are some of the most productive we have heard being made for Glass because the headset also features a lot of rather useless apps.

Firefighters using Google Glass would be very helpful, imagine the video and image footage during fires that could be used for investigations.