Woloks: lets you Send Free SMS to anyone in Uganda!


Now whether you are in doubt or extremely excited, just know that this app is free without gimmicks and lets you send real SMS to just about anybody in Uganda. All you need is an active internet connection to be able to send sms however you don’t need internet to recieve the SMS.

No, it’s not a Whatsapp replica, Woloks enables any android user in Uganda to send messages to another mobile phone user even if they don’t have android, or own a feature phone ‘those phones with no internet or color screens’. You will enjoy the app more when the user you are texting also has the app because you will be able to send free messages to each other within the nice app. Honestly I found the UserI nterface (UI) of Woloks better than the UI of the default messaging app of android below 4.4

 Ivan Mworozi the developer of the app told us “the app is free and its going to stay that way.” We didn’t find any annoying ads or banners at the time and the app was straight to the point.

“the app is free and its going to stay that way.” says Ivan Mworozi – Developer

You basically fill out a form with your details such as name, number and email then the magic begins.

You will probably have a smile on your face when you send out an SMS and then get a reply, meaning it works!


Please make sure you use your real numbers to register because trying to change the number will make the app prompt you for a verification code which it sends you by SMS. “More security features are being worked on….” Ivan says “This is the 1st version and we hope to improve the app.”

How to get the app

  1. Go to Google Play Store on your Android phone
  2. Then go to the search bar and enter “Woloks” because we got many apps with the name smsFree most of which didn’t work. The word Vumilia will get you the particular app we are talking about.  Be sure to select the app whose logo looks like a blue bird as seen in the featured image
  3.  Click Install then wait for a few minutes, when the download is complete,

Open the app and enter your details then you will be able to send free SMS to Uganda only.

Being the first version of the app, He has added a feedback form to the app in case you find any problems or want any improvements.

When people sit down and make productive apps, you truly have to appreciate their work, and when they make the app free the only way to reward them is by hitting the Download button and spreading the word. I mean these guys just made texting & vibing,  really easy.

NOTE: The App is back on the Playstore, its been slightly re-branded and it works. Download it here

User Interface (Design)
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smsfree-vumilia-send-free-sms-to-anyone-in-ugandasmsFree lets you send 150 characters and shows your phone number as the sender. This must be a relief to those who are tired of paying thousands of shillings worth of airtime to buy SMS and since some telecoms were slowly disabling the SMS packs, smsFree is a must download. Great UI


  1. Dude, Surprisingly I’ve found this sms app useful. never thought of actually txting outside whatsapp b4. Although I wonder how the service can be free.

  2. Make t available 4 other operating systems other than android coz not evri 1 has android ,especially symbian os

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