Google Nexus appears in Google Play for $350 temporarily


The Nexus 5 is probably the worst leak in the history of an android phone launch. We now know how it looks like before its launched, wait we even know how much we have to pay for it.

Google needs to work on privacy of its launches because the Nexus 5 appeared in Google Play at price of $350 for the 16Gb model. An even bigger resolution photo accidentally appeared on the Google Nexus website, however it was later removed. Thanks to Engadget who took the screen shot below. You are probably not very hyper about the launch of the Nexus 5, we might just have to wait to get confirmation on the Tech Specs.

Google Nexus 5

Otherwise from the large photo you might notice a new camera icon, new wallpaper and probably Android 4.4 KitKat.
Well, we just have to wait for Google to give official confirmation on the tech specs and more details on the Nexus 5.

Source: Engadget