Google plans to launch an app store for Google Glass in 2014


Google said it would launch an official App store for Google glass in 2014 during a response to a Marketing Land’s request. This was first published in the New York Times which described how lack of an app store limited the capabilities of the high-tech Google glass. The corresponding author Clive Thomas went ahead to say “The Company says an app store is coming next year, when Glass is available to the general public.”

However Google hasn’t given a particular date or time frame for the launch of the Google glass app store. And we aren’t certain whether it will be a section of Google Play or an independent app store. Let’s remember that during the launch days of the new Google Play in July, a title showing “Support for Google Glass” appeared, thought the option wasn’t selectable and an error message showing “you have not opened Google Play Store recently on this device.”

An app store launch next will probably make more sense Google Glass will go into production next year.

Source: New York Times