Expect Ads in Instagram within the next year


Remember Facebook bought Instagram last year, and since Facebook has become a multi-billion dollar empire though relevant advertising , it might have want to get returns on its investments in Instagram the same way it does on Facebook.

Instagram will have advertisements in the coming year,  an idea that was confirmed by the Instagram Director of Business Operations Emily White who confrimed to the Wall Street Journal that they will be selling Ads within the next year.

Users have enjoyed an ad free interface on Instagram accompanied with the simplicity to share photos with friends and enjoy a feed clear of advertisement. However this didn’t mean some  brands hadn’t tried using Instagram to promote their content through giving incentives,  call them prizes to followers who posted photos with a brand photo on a particular hastag.  However this hasn’t the most successful since users always prefer an ad free feel.
Bringing advertisements to Instagram could be a killer for the app because its users have enjoyed an ad free environment.

White told WSJ that they will take advertisements in Instagram with caution and guidance from Facebook .

Well we must say Facebook is full of ads and if Instagram takes the same path, not everyone will like it. Take an example of when Twitter and Facebook said they were going to show promoted posts and tweets,  yeah  not everyone liked it.