Matatu-thon: Taking mobile gaming in Uganda to a whole new level


Well, the first thing one might ask is, what the hell is “Matatu-thon”? Okay, before you Google out the meaning and all of its ancestors, let me have the pleasure of telling you, this is a true story. Once upon a time, in a small landlocked country called Uganda, there was this famous card game locally called “Matatu” which was so addictive it became a business to some people, like gambling. Years passed by and there came some university lads headed by a rather ambitious and forward looking, focused lady by the name Terry Karungi, who decided to teach the whole world the famous Matatu game, so they came up with a digital version with the same name, Matatu, and the company behind it was called Kola Studios, Kola, locally meaning to work.

kola studios' Matatu app

Fast forward, the company is recognised as an outstanding one at the prestigious Pivot East and Kola Studios has become a household name in East Africa. So, for the first time in the history of mobile startups of East Africa (I think!), these clever chaps have bundled up themselves and come up with an exlcusive gaming event, like, a “Micro-conference” (if that word exists anyway) dubbed Matatu-thon. It shall be going down at one of the most respected technology innovation hubs in East Africa, the OutBox Hub. Time: 6pm (East African Standard Time) or +3HrsGMT

Well, enough said, let us meet there and be sure we shall keep you posted via Twitter and our very own live blog right here!! See you there!!