Jobs The Movie: Honouring the man behind Apple’s success


Steve Paul Jobs, born in 1955, was the charismatic co-founder of Apple Computers, the company behind innovative products like the iPod, iPhone,iMac and iPad and services like iTunes. The story of Apple began in a garage at Steve’s foster parents home (Steve never got the chance to see his real parents because he was adopted) when Steve and his friend Steven Wozniak (famously referred to as Woz) made a computer aimed at hobbyists and called it Apple 1. They sold a few of these and decided to make Apple 2 and then the story began.

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The movie is intended to honour Steve Jobs and also put the records straight about his life and adventures. From the time he was young and rebellious through his hard times at Apple especially when he was fired from his own company to the time he unveiled the iPod that forever changed the music industry. It also takes the audience deeper into Jobs’s pesonal life especially being adopted and never having the chance to see his real parents. Produced and directed by Joshua Michael Stern, Ashton Kutcher plays the role of Steve Jobs, it took him 3 months to learn how to walk like Steve Jobs! Josh Gads takes on the role of Steven Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder. The movie is brought to us by Open Road Films LLC


Everybody knows the iPod but it is unfortunate that few people know the man behind this innovation and fewer even know about his personal life, this movie is for you and everyone should get a copy come August 16th, 2013 which is set as the release date for this movie.

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