Is Windows 8.1 worth it?


Microsoft released Windows 8.1 as an update-turned-free Operating System that made sense. Atleast for the Marketing department at Microsoft, because, it meant less work for them to try convincing those stuck in the past to upgrade easily because it is a free download from the Microsoft Website. Microsoft is reportedly still working on it by releasing regular updates but there is a catch to it, a product key shall be needed at the very end of installing all the updates, that is when it becomes a stable version on Windows, so upgrading should come with caution as one needs to be having the product key for the current version of Windows being upgraded. Is is worth it? Well, let us see.


The Start button is back!

Windows 8 came out without the start button and many users were not happy because the start button was what made Windows windows,so, with 8.1 already out, the start button is back and that has made everything come back to normal, that is for Windows users. This makes everything great!


A more organised Metro style menu

Forget the messed up clutter on Windows 8, 8.1 settles the dust as it allows customisation of the tiles, that is the user can change the size,and also group applications according to one’s desire. The best part is accessing the rarely used apps, an arrow was introduced at the bottom and that means they are just a click away.


No Messenger application

Well, after all the hype and advertising on social media, Microsoft forgot, well, I do not even know if it is the right word to use, but, Microsoft failed to put the messenger application in Windows 8.1 and trust me this is a real turn off. Windows 8 users get their messages from social networks like Facebook instantly but if you are a social media junky, then the lack of Messenger in Windows 8.1 might make you stay with the Windows version you have, for now.


More is yet to come

Windows 8.1 is still in beta so for those of you who do not want to risk your precious PCs, just wait for the final release so that you have a new Windows experience with things like Food, Health,Reading list and more that is still being worked on.