Android 4.3 launched: Its Definately sweeter!


Google has launched an update of Jelly bean 4.2, which comes on the new Nexus 7, and an update is available for the Nexus 4, 7 and 10. Updates for other devices are rolling out soon with some of the more elite android users already installing android 4.3 on the google play edition of the Samsung S4. Well the main issue is what’s new, what has been left out and is the experience better well lets find out about what google calls “an even sweeter version of Jelly Bean!”


A google demonstration of  the homescreens of different users
A google demonstration of the homescreens of different users

The most significant feature is the ability to add profiles to your android tablet, where you can actually share your tablet with family or friends and every users has a clean personalized space to actually work in, starting with different homescreens, apps, widgets, background all with multi-tasking abilities so you don’t have to log out or login to switch between users on the lock screen and for those who prefer more control of their devices and their users you can actually restrict app and data usage for various users and this might help parents to control their children and employers to watch over their employees and make sure they stick to only work related tablet usage.

Android will now scan every app you download from google play for viruses and run every app in its own sandbox which gives it a secure space to operate and all this is in a bid to provide security and protection.

Some tablets that support wireless display will be able to project onto bigger screens like TVs that support miracast. You sure won’t miss the daydream feature where your android devices displays photo albums, news from google currents and more when your your phone or tablet is idle.
You can now act instantly to notifications without actually leaving the notification area. And a lot is borrowed from the previous jelly bean 4.2 where widgets everything else gives room when you create a widget on your home screen, Google Now has been improved. Google now is powered by knowledge graph which displays relevant information to users when they search. And the new Google maps is intergrated in Android 4.3.

Android 4.3 has been given an amazing photo sphere camera where you can take photo from all sides forming a photo sphere that you can share with you friends which brings us to Open GL ES 3.0.
Open GL ES 3.0 makes the android faster and effiecient while display graphics, textures and patterns in a clear way, this improves performance and is in the new nexus 7.

And before i forget, like Google did since it didnt mention that their are emoji in the new android keyboard which you have to find in the language and input menu.

Screenshot of Android 4.3

Multi User Lock screen in Android 4.3
Multi User Lock screen in Android 4.3
Restrict User Settings in Android 4.3
Restrict User Settings in Android 4.3


Emoji in the Android 4.3 keyboard
Emoji in the Android 4.3 keyboard


There you have it, the new update of Android, feel free to share your views on the new OS!