A lot of bad blood in Windows Phone Ads!



Recently Windows commercials especially windows phone video commercials have gone beyond their purpose of marketing a brand to tarnishing rival brands, at least that’s what they think, though they are not doing it right. Usually I expect an ad to be purely about a product by the advertiser and maybe disguised rivalry however when an Ad actually ignores the informative bit a goes to hitting on rival products especially when the element is using to show rivalry is not that substantial, it actually portrays the advertiser as a little kid showing off his new toy that is actually worse than what the other kid’s toy is. Much as this strategy may give Windows phone some attention because of the rivalry shown in the videos since some may fall for the dirty trick which sometimes is a big deal because different people choose smartphones basing on different reasons.
The Ad that really shows the bad blood the commercial where the Asus windows 8 tablet vs the IPad where it’s clearly pointed out at the end with a comparison of the price of the iPad and Asus windows tablet. Here Microsoft tried to tarnish the iPads’ reputation in a manner I would call unprofessional as ‘Techies are interested in innovation and not some trash talking and innovation also caters for marketing strategies. The idea of showing your rivals price in a commercial is highly an professional and thats what makes me wonder as to wether Windows has a proper marketing strategy since an iPhone commercial will only and only talk about the iphone and they will tell us what they believe not say we are a better than company “x” because of blah blah, Crisp and clear commercials make a lot of sense compared to commercials based on rivalry.
See the Windows ASUS tablet vs the ipad commercial below;

The one that blows off my hair is the Windows Challenge ad against the iPhone, where “Ben the Pc guy” from Windows Phone tells us to actually to choose the Windows phone over the iPhone simply because you can actually send a text faster, personally I believe Microsoft could have done better than that.


And the whole Windows Phone Challenge is seems to be a marketing strategy that competes with other phones usually in one aspect per video commercial. However some of the Ads make sense for example the low light photo shot challenge against the Samsung Galaxy S3.


Well we can’t tell how this kind of rivalry video Ad is financially working for Microsoft to stick to it however I find the Ads very unprofessional and they seem to portray rival products as better or popular devices hence making Windows phone ads seem cheap in terms of brand power.
Much a Windows Phone is a growing platform I believe it needs a better marketing strategy even when rivalry is inevitable in a Commercial, I ought to be brought I a manner that so professional and at least not mention another products’ name. Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 swimming Pool Ad which includes a scene that advertises NFC but does not mention the devices’ name and it rely shows maturity in advertisement.
Another question i keep asking myself is “Do the device manufacturers of windows powered devices like Nokia, Asus etc approve of such kinds of advertisement.
Otherwise keep checking we will be filling you in on the video rivalry and so much more Tech news. And kindly leave us a comment on what you think