Bharti Acquires Warid Telecom Uganda

Bharti Airtel has purchased Warid Telecom Uganda
Bharti Airtel has purchased Warid Telecom Uganda

After a series of rumours, with Vodafone also getting into the picture however Airtel confrimed the purchase of warid telecom. However what is the impact of this to the ordinary user? With a few hoping that another foreign company had purchased warid, so as to get offers and promotions, most people were however seem a little disappointed.  Furthermore the chief executive of Bharti Airtel, said the agreement, which is also the first in-market acquisition in Bharti Airtel’s history, will translate into a healthier telecom sector in Uganda.

Well this merging is going to have an impact on the rest of the networks since the customers of Airtel will increase literally in case they decide to use one uniform brand, however this may not be the case as MTN is still the leading mobile network in terms of subscriber number.

We should grumble, however we should be happy since competition benefits the customer!