Threads Introduces Multi-Column TweetDeck-Like Web View


Threads is developing a new web interface that includes the ability to pin customized columns, reminiscent of the TweetDeck feature previously available on Twitter. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared an image of this new web option, which is currently undergoing testing.

The screenshot reveals several custom columns, such as a “For you” feed and multiple topic-specific columns. Users can pin favorite searches, topics, keywords, accounts, saved posts, and notifications. Additionally, there is an auto-refresh feature to keep these columns updated with the latest posts.

Twitter, now known as X, offers a similar feature called “X Pro,” which mimics the former TweetDeck format but requires an $8/month subscription. In contrast, Threads’ version will be free, potentially replicating much of the functionality that Twitter once provided.

A customizable, column-based web view could attract more users to Threads, allowing them to avoid being restricted to the “For you” feed when accessing Threads on the web. According to Bloomberg, users with access to the feature can pin up to 100 feeds to their homepage.

Currently, the multi-column view is being tested with a limited number of users.

Earlier this week, Threads also introduced a new option to organize searches by recency, making it easier to locate timely and relevant content on the social network.