Apple’s AI Ambitions Unveiled in plans for iOS 18 Features

Apple AI

Hey there, tech lovers! Got the itch for some AI smarts on your iPhone? Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has been hinting at it for a while, and a new report from AppleInsider spills the tea on what iOS 18 might hold.

Here’s the gist: Siri’s about to get a major upgrade! Imagine being able to ask your trusty assistant to analyze and summarize those long text threads in Messages. Pretty cool, right? This brainpower comes courtesy of Apple’s very own large language model (LLM) called Ajax. Remember all those research papers Apple published about on-device AI processing for iPhones? This report lines right up with that!

AppleInsider says Ajax can handle basic stuff on your phone itself, but for trickier questions, it might need to consult a server – that’s where rumors about partnerships with Google or OpenAI come in. Intriguing!

But wait, there’s more! Apple’s all about keeping your data safe, so expect privacy warnings before Ajax dives into your Messages or Safari history. During their recent earnings call, Cook himself reassured everyone that Apple is “very bullish” on AI and has some “exciting things” brewing. He even mentioned that Apple has some “advantages” that’ll make their AI features stand out, especially when it comes to privacy. Sounds promising!

Apple’s got an event next week where new iPads are expected to be the stars, but for the juicy AI details, we’ll likely have to wait until their Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10th. Mark your calendars, tech enthusiasts, this could be a game-changer!