Apple Releases iOS 17.5, macOS 14.5, and Other Updates

Apple Devices
Apple Devices

Apple has unveiled a series of updates for its range of devices, coinciding with the launch of its latest iPads. The updates, which include iOS 17.5, iPadOS 17.5, macOS 14.5, watchOS 10.5, tvOS 17.5, and HomePod Software 17.5, are now available for download to users worldwide.

Among the key features introduced in these updates is the Cross-Platform Tracking Protection, a new security measure designed to alert users about the presence of compatible Bluetooth trackers. This feature aims to enhance privacy and security by notifying users if a tracker they do not own is moving with them, irrespective of the operating system the devices are paired with. Apple has already implemented similar protections to prevent AirTag stalking, and this addition extends those safeguards to devices paired with non-Apple phones.

Additionally, Apple News+ subscribers will find a new word game called Quartiles, marking a growing trend of news organizations integrating games into their platforms to drive engagement. Quartiles, along with Crossword and Mini Crossword, also tracks player stats and win streaks. Moreover, the Today+ and News+ tabs will now load even without an internet connection, offering users uninterrupted access to news content.

For users of older devices that cannot update to the latest operating systems, Apple has released security-only updates. These include iOS 16.7.8 and iPadOS 16.7.8 for older iDevices, as well as macOS Venture 13.6.7 and Monterey 12.7.5 for Macs still running those OS versions.

With these updates, Apple continues to prioritize security and user experience across its ecosystem. As the company gears up for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, these updates are expected to be the final major releases before the unveiling of iOS 18, macOS 15, and other anticipated updates. It is speculated that these forthcoming updates will focus on introducing generative AI features, including enhancements powered by ChatGPT, and further improvements to Siri’s capabilities.