Navigating Nairobi: A Guide to Cab App Prices in Kenya


In bustling Nairobi, getting around efficiently is key to seizing the day and conquering the urban jungle. With the rise of cab-hailing apps, commuting has never been more convenient. But how do these apps stack up in terms of pricing? Let’s take a closer look at the estimated prices of popular cab apps in Kenya’s capital:


Uber is known for its widespread availability and reliable service. It offers competitive pricing based on distance, time, and demand. Expect to pay a base fare of around 100 Kenyan Shillings (KES), a per-minute rate around KES 4, and a per-kilometer rate around KES 60. Additionally, surge pricing may apply during peak hours or high-demand periods, which can multiply the fare by up to 4 times.

Bolt (formerly Taxify)

Bolt offers competitive rates with a similar structure to Uber’s. They typically have a base fare of KES 100, a per-minute rate around KES 5 (slightly higher than Uber), and a per-kilometer rate around KES 50 (slightly lower than Uber). Keep an eye out for promotional discounts and special offers on the Bolt app.

Little Cab

Little Cab provides transparency in pricing, with rates based on distance and time. They are generally considered a budget-friendly option. While exact fares can vary, estimates suggest their base fare might be around KES 100, with per-kilometer rates potentially lower than KES 50. Frequent users can enjoy loyalty rewards and discounts through the app.

Mondo Ride

Similar to Little Cab, Mondo Ride offers competitive prices with transparent fares based on distance and time. Look out for promotional offers on the app for additional savings. Exact fares can vary, but estimates suggest their base fare might be around KES 100 and per-kilometer rates could be around KES 55-60.


SafeBoda offers competitive pricing for their cab services alongside their motorcycle taxis. They focus on transparent fare estimates and real-time tracking. While specific figures are difficult to find, they are generally considered a budget-friendly option.

Wasili & Fone Taxi

Both Wasili and Fone Taxi are relatively new entrants in the market, but they are gaining traction with competitive prices and user-friendly apps. While exact fare structures might not be widely available, they are likely to be in the same ballpark as Little Cab and Mondo Ride, offering budget-conscious options for Nairobi commuters.

Comparison of Cab App Pricing in Nairobi (Estimates)

FeatureUberBoltLittle CabMondo RideSafeBodaWasiliFone Taxi
Base FareKES 100KES 100KES 100 (est.)KES 100 (est.)CompetitiveCompetitiveCompetitive
Per Minute RateKES 4KES 5CompetitiveCompetitiveCompetitive
Per Kilometer RateKES 60KES 50Less than KES 50 (est.)KES 55-60 (est.)CompetitiveCompetitiveCompetitive
Surge PricingYesYesNoNoNoLikely NoLikely No
Promotional OffersYesYesYesYesPotentiallyPotentiallyPotentially

In conclusion, the prices of cab apps in Kenya vary depending on several factors. However, all the options mentioned provide a range of fare structures that cater to different budgets and needs. It’s always recommended to use the app’s fare estimate feature before booking a ride to get a more accurate idea of the cost. With a variety of cab apps available, Nairobi residents and visitors can enjoy a convenient and affordable way to navigate the city.