Delta Game Emulator Coming to iPad: What to Expect


Good news for gaming enthusiasts! The popular Nintendo emulator, Delta, which recently made its debut on the App Store for iPhone, is now making its way to the iPad. Developer Riley Testut shared an exciting update on Threads, revealing that an iPad-optimized version of the Delta app is currently in the works and nearing completion.

Delta gained significant attention upon its release for iPhone, and now iPad users can look forward to experiencing their favorite Nintendo games on a larger screen. The iPad version of Delta is “near completion,” with Testut mentioning that it’s being prioritized following Apple’s recent change in policy regarding game emulators.

For those eager to try out the iPad version of Delta, subscribers to Testut’s Patreon can access it now through the AltStore, an alternative marketplace designed for sideloading iOS and iPadOS apps. Alternatively, users can patiently await the official release of Delta’s next major update, version 1.6, which will include support for iPad.

Testut also provided a sneak peek into how Delta will run on iPad, promising an immersive gaming experience. Delta serves as the successor to Testut’s popular Game Boy Advance emulator, GBA4iOS, and boasts compatibility with various Nintendo systems, including NES, SNES, N64, and DS.

The development team is currently fine-tuning the iPad version, focusing on tasks such as finalizing controller skins and addressing any remaining bugs. Additionally, they are working on implementing device-to-device multiplayer functionality, although this feature is still in the pipeline.

As an added bonus for gaming enthusiasts, Testut revealed that a SEGA Genesis emulator is also in development and expected to be available “soon-ish,” albeit still in beta. With these exciting updates on the horizon, fans of retro gaming can anticipate an enhanced gaming experience on their iPads with the arrival of Delta.