Apple Announces “Let Loose” Event: What to Expect


Apple has just announced its upcoming event titled “Let Loose,” scheduled for May 7. Unlike recent in-person events, this one seems to be happening exclusively online, maintaining a format that became common during the pandemic. While Apple has gradually returned to in-person events, such as WWDC starting on June 10 in Cupertino, this event appears to stick with the online-only trend.

Given its online nature, the “Let Loose” event is expected to focus on one or two select products, possibly indicating smaller announcements. Apple likely has some bigger news reserved for its upcoming developer conference, which takes place about a month later.

The event’s artwork prominently features an image of a hand holding an Apple Pencil, accompanied by the handwritten tagline “Let Loose.” This suggests that we might see new iPad models or accessories introduced, as Apple hasn’t updated its tablet line since 2022. Rumors suggest that the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models could feature the M2 and M3 chips, respectively.

Regarding the Apple Pencil, early references found in the iOS 17.5 beta hint at a potential “squeeze” feature for the upcoming fourth-generation version. Additionally, there are rumors of an updated version of the Magic Keyboard case for the iPad Pro.

The event kicks off May 7 at 5p.m. EAT in Ugandan time.