ICEA LION Addresses Client Concerns Transparently Amidst Social Media Buzz


Recent social media claims by Mr. Andrew Kyamagero regarding his insurance claim for vehicle registration number UBK 291B under the insurance policy of his employers, Africa Broadcasting Uganda Limited (ABUL), have stirred discussion in the tech community. Recognizing the stress associated with unexpected vehicle breakdowns, ICEA LION aims to provide a transparent response to these concerns within the tech landscape.

Highlighting the swift acknowledgment of Mr. Kyamagero’s claim on November 21, 2023, and the subsequent thorough investigations, the article emphasizes the settlement offer (Discharge Voucher) issued to ABUL. This voucher instructed payment to EASY RIDE, an automotive repair garage chosen by Mr. Kyamagero but not part of ICEA LION’s approved panel of partner automotive repair garages. The offer covered expenses such as the purchase and installation of a new engine, towing costs, and more.

Underlining the significance of the post-repair inspection on December 14, 2023, revealing that the engine had been repaired instead of being replaced as agreed upon, the article sheds light on the subsequent delay in settling Mr. Kyamagero’s claim due to the need for engine replacement. ICEA LION’s stance is reinforced, stating that once a client chooses a preferred garage, the insurer cannot be held liable for any resulting substandard repairs.

The piece underscores ICEA LION’s proactive approach in reaching out to and meeting Mr. Kyamagero on January 2, 2024. This meeting signifies ICEA LION’s unwavering commitment to resolving the matter within the tech community with utmost priority, diligence, and dedication to ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Acknowledging ICEA LION’s significant presence in Uganda for nearly twenty-five years, the article emphasizes the insurer’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations within the tech industry. It reassures Mr. Kyamagero and all ICEA LION clients that the company actively addresses concerns, aiming to provide transparent and human-centered solutions.

For inquiries, claims notifications, or complaints with ICEA LION, users can contact them on their Toll-Free: 0800 100311 / 0800 100120 or Email: