Kisoro Industrial Park Makes Strides in Economic Transformation

UIA Director General Robert Mukiza

The noteworthy progress of the Kisoro Industrial Park takes center stage. Spearheaded by the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), the allocation of 620 acres in Bunagana and Rukundo Town councils by Kisoro district authorities signals a significant shift in the economic landscape.

During the 2023 Isangane Festival, where Director General Robert Mukiza played a prominent role as the chief guest, expressions of gratitude were extended to local authorities for their vital support. UIA’s meticulous approach, from obtaining a land title to initiating a feasibility study and defining the park’s borders, underscores a dedicated commitment to the project. The next phase involves crucial discussions on financing, bringing the vision of an industrial park in Kisoro one step closer to realization.

Beyond the cultural festivities, the Isangane Festival, organized by the Ubuntu Bafumbira United Association (UBUA), carries a noble mission of supporting Maternal Health Care in the hard-to-reach Health Centre III in Kisoro district. Mukiza’s commendation of Ubuntu’s role in fostering global connections among Bafumbira underscores the importance of identity and unity in developmental pursuits.

This development aligns seamlessly with President Museveni’s vision for the economic upliftment of the region. As Uganda embraces industrialization, with President Museveni approving 25 industrial parks across all sub-regions in May 2021, Kisoro’s narrative emerges as a compelling chapter. Stay tuned to [Your Publication’s Name] for in-depth updates on this unfolding story of economic growth and transformation.