Northern Ugandan Artists Engage in Copyright Law Amendment Consultation with URSB and Stakeholders


The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) recognizes the pivotal role that the arts and creative industry play in Uganda. They are committed to fostering an environment that safeguards and champions the intellectual property rights of artists. In collaboration with key stakeholders, URSB recently convened a significant meeting aimed at engaging artists from Northern Uganda in discussions concerning the amendment of the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Law of 2006.

The objective of this consultative meeting was to gather valuable insights and perspectives from the arts and creative community. The goal is to ensure that the proposed amendments align with the interests and needs of the artists. These consultation processes initiated by URSB are instrumental in guaranteeing that the amendments genuinely reflect the desires and aspirations of artists.

This notable meeting, hosted at Bomah Hotel in Gulu, brought together a diverse group of artists, including music producers, book writers, audio-visual producers, film, movie, and music stars, and music promoters. It also included other stakeholders from across Northern Uganda. URSB partnered with several organizations for this engagement, including the Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs, the Uganda Law Reform Commission, Uganda Communications Commission, representatives of Collective Management Organizations, Uganda Musicians’ Association, National Cultural Forum, and Uganda National Music Federation.

The primary purpose of the meeting was to offer artists a platform to share their insights, concerns, and suggestions regarding the proposed amendments to the Copyright Law. These amendments are designed to address emerging challenges, provide more robust protection for artists’ intellectual property, and bolster the growth and sustainability of the creative industry.

Mercy K. Kainobwisho, the Registrar General of URSB, emphasized that similar consultative meetings are being organized across the country. This approach ensures that all stakeholders have their interests covered in the amendment of the copyright law. These engagements present artists with an opportunity to network, connect with fellow artists, and explore potential collaborations. By fostering a sense of community and collaboration, the creative industry in Northern Uganda can be collectively strengthened, while ensuring that the copyright law is revamped to enable artists to tap into the significant benefits from their craft.

URSB is actively encouraging all artists to participate in these meetings and contribute their invaluable insights. These perspectives will profoundly shape the future of the Copyright Law, directly impacting the protection and support offered to the artistic community in Uganda.

At the meeting, over 200 artists received a comprehensive overview of the proposed amendments, the rationale behind these changes, and how they aim to address the evolving needs of the industry. Interactive sessions provided artists with the opportunity to pose questions, seek clarifications, share ideas, and engage in discussions with URSB and its stakeholders. The aim is to ensure that the proposed amendments are comprehensive, practical, and beneficial to the artist community.

URSB and its partner organizations are committed to incorporating the feedback received from artists across Uganda into the final draft of the amendments. This collaborative effort seeks to establish a favorable legal framework that empowers and safeguards the vibrant arts and creative industry.