Create Professional Websites with Ease using Strikingly

A screenshot of the strikingly website

Strikingly is a web-based platform that offers an easy and affordable solution for individuals and businesses to create and host professional-looking websites. Launched in 2012, Strikingly has since become a popular choice for people who want to create a website without the need for technical skills or coding knowledge.

One of the key features of Strikingly is its user-friendly interface. The platform offers a variety of templates that can be easily customized to suit your specific needs. Users can choose from a wide range of pre-designed templates or create their own from scratch. The templates are designed to be mobile-responsive, ensuring that your website looks great on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Another advantage of using Strikingly is its ease of use. With its drag-and-drop interface, users can quickly and easily add elements to their website, such as text, images, videos, and buttons. The platform also offers a range of tools and features, including a blog, an e-commerce store, and the ability to embed external content, such as videos from YouTube or social media feeds from Instagram.

Strikingly also offers a range of payment and subscription plans, allowing users to choose the best plan that meets their needs and budget. The platform offers both free and paid plans, with paid plans starting at just $8 per month. The paid plans offer additional features and resources, such as unlimited storage, custom domains, and access to more advanced design tools.

In addition to its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing, Strikingly is also known for its exceptional customer support. The platform offers a comprehensive knowledge base, as well as email support and a 24/7 live chat service to assist users with any questions or issues they may have.

Overall, Strikingly is a great solution for anyone looking to create a professional-looking website without the need for technical skills or coding knowledge. With its user-friendly interface, affordable pricing, and excellent customer support, Strikingly is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses looking to establish a strong online presence.