Innovation Consortium launches a NOT SO COMPLICATED show about next gen solutions


In this age of information and technology, it is virtually (pardon the pun) impossible to find exactly what you want, and when you get it, a new option appears in your inbox. Information comes fast, and it is open up, everything hits your screen first, then to whoever grabs your attention to win an interaction.

It Is difficult to get to the truth. Even if you do your research, 6 out of 10 options today, are scams…. or an average of 1 scam per day. We live in a world where lying is taken like medicine. 1×1 for 1 year, then increase the dose until death. There is hope. We have many good people working hard to help us all.
One group I found, uses an interesting method to deliver the information. IINNOVATION CONSORTIUM, who say they are the home of next generation solutions and pride themselves as a think tank have created a concept YouTube show, they have named “NOT SO COMPLICATED”.

They introduce this concept as a show that breaks down everything, be it sports, technology, construction, business or hustle, down to the simplest possible bits, so that the layman can understand easily. Wow. That is indeed a difficult job. How can a group of people know everything and can talk about it until this information can work for everyone? Aren’t these the conmen we talked about at the start?
The not so complicated answer is, Yes, it is possible.

You see innovation consortium is not your everyday type of company. They combine different people and companies with various skills and talents and give a support platform and help for them to do bigger work. If You are a company or an individual with a good product, they can meet and help you to make your dream work.

I had to see this for myself, because I do my research. I went to their website and was quickly interested in the words and pictures, but I was finally convinced by the actions. The YouTube channel for NOT SO COMPLICATED flagship. It is a panel type talk-show which does not feel like it is usual, it is like friends talking over an evening drink and just making sense of the world.

They did not lie, and have delivered this simplified content. I found a particular interest in the story of CAKE ALBUM because I know some who do bakery or cooking businesses from lockdown. Its quite nice that several people can move with this interesting concept but give it a more human feeling.
I think they are good at what they do, because I now subscribed, and I look forward to their content. Maybe soon they will teach us how to make women not so complicated.