Business Tech Trends To Emerge From COVID-19


There is little doubt that the pandemic has changed a huge amount about life over the last 18 months or so. It is thought that many of these changes are here to stay, which is why it has been so important for businesses to adapt and be agile during this time of change. While some businesses have folded or struggled mightily during this period, there have also been those that have not just survived, but actually thrived in this period. These are the companies that managed to stay ahead of the curve when it came to tech trends emerging from the pandemic – keep reading to find out what these trends are and how they can help.

AI and Machine Learning

In periods of great change, it is vital that organizations are able to understand these changes and adapt to the times. AI and machine learning have been key for this, as they allow businesses to detect behaviors and trends, predict outcomes and make informed decisions that are backed up by data. AI and machine learning have enabled businesses to stay current and take some of the risk out of strategic decision-making in a time when businesses need to get things right.

Cloud Computing

Perhaps the most notable change in the business world during COVID-19 has been the mass adoption of remote work, which could be here to stay with most planning to continue with this at least on a part-time basis. Cloud computing has been critical to this and many organizations have been through Office 365 migration to move digital assets onto the cloud. This can facilitate remote work, reduce IT costs, improve security and much more.

AR and VR

In a time when people have been forced apart, AR and VR have stepped up and allowed people to share spaces virtually. There are many ways that AR and VR have been used during COVID-19 and not just for video games – these technologies can also be used for staff training, exploring destinations, collaboration on projects and even virtual conferences just as a few examples.


With most people working remotely, this has also contributed to the rise in cybercrime during the pandemic. It is vital that businesses are taking steps to protect the company and important data, which can be achieved with high-quality cybersecurity products and staff training. Most attacks are successful as a result of negligence and social engineering, which makes it imperative that staff are properly educated on how they can carry out their role safely and how to detect scams.

Contactless Payments

The world was gradually becoming contactless, but the pandemic has now pushed this over the edge as a way for payments to be made safely. It is hard to see this going back even after the threat of the pandemic and it is vital that this is embraced by organizations.

These are a few of the main tech trends that have emerged as a result of COVID-19 and businesses have had to adapt in order to find continued success.