Why Mobile Betting has taken Africa by Storm


There’s no doubting the fact that betting, with mobile betting in particular, has taken the African continent by storm. Betting as a practice is not one that is new to Africa, but the recent developments in technology have allowed African countries to join the iGaming revolution. 

… But why? 

Reasons such as accessibility of mobile phones, and the mobile betting sites that are available on these devices, as well as a handful of other factors will be unpacked. 

Accessibility of Mobile Phones

Arguably the most important factor that has influenced the mobile betting boom in Africa has to do with the fact that mobile phones are becoming more and more accessible. 

Not only are they more affordable compared to other devices such as laptops and tablets, but there is also so much you can do on a mobile phone these days. 

Whether it is in fact mobile betting sites that you’re interested in, or doing your banking, following a recipe, or connecting with friends and family, all of these things can be done on a mobile phone. 

Furthermore, due to the fact that the rate of development with mobile phones is so rapid, newer and better models are being released every other week, making the value of existing  models, which can do the job, drop dramatically. 

Mobile betting sites 

The fact that mobile phones have become more accessible is one thing for sure, but mobile betting’s rise is also something that must be tied to the fact that mobile betting sites are aware of the demand for mobile betting, because these days, these sites have become so well optimised for mobile use. 

Examples including Hollywoodbets in South Africa, Bet9ja in Nigeria and SportPesa in Kenya are all editions of mobile betting sites that make wagering an absolute pleasure, and create a betting experience that can be found nowhere else. 

This positive user experience, mixed in with the enjoyment betting creates is why mobile betting has taken such a sharp rise on the continent. 

Africa’s youthful population

Africa is by far the world’s most youthful continent. When comparing Africa to other continents, you may be shocked at the fact that the average age of African inhabitants is more than 10 years lower than the next youngest continent

This youthfulness is what plays into the growing popularity in mobile betting. Not only are more youthful individuals more likely to adopt advancements in technology, but younger people are also more likely to engage in risk taking behaviours and activities, such as mobile betting. 

Rich Sporting continent 

The African continent is known for its love and prowess of sport on the world stage. Some of the best footballers in the world have come from Africa, and have flown the flag of their nations, as well as their continent high. 

Football is one of the most betted on sports in the world, and as a continent, Africa is football mad. Playing a distinctive brand of exciting and attacking football, tournaments like the AFCON and the CHAN are some of the most watched competitions around the world. 

Where there’s a love of sports, there’s generally a love of sports betting, so this love of sport in Africa is another explainer for why mobile betting is on the up.