WhatsApp Rolls Out Individual Chat Custom Wallpaper Backgrounds, Sticker Search & more


WhatsApp has released a major update to its app that brings unlimited custom wallpapers to individuals chats. Users can now set a unique wallpaper per individual chat and also select a different wallpaper when the phone goes into dark mode.

WhatsApp has made the default doodle/icon wallpaper available in more colors. All wallpapers can be dimmed or brightened as a user desires.

Facebook has also improved sticker search allowing users to search and find their stickers with text or emoji, or browse through common sticker categories. However, the improvements won’t work without some tweaks by the sticker creators.

“Your WhatsApp chats hold a special place in your life, which is why we’re introducing custom chat wallpapers. Make your chats personal and distinguishable by using a custom wallpaper for your most important chats and favorite people, and you never need worry about sending the wrong message in the wrong chat ever again.”

Facebook wants to encourage app creators to creators to tag their stickers with emojis and text so that their stickers are searchable for WhatsApp users.

The update includes new sticker packs such as a sticker pack from The World Health Organization called “Together at Home”.