NSSF Launches Online Platform for Benefits Claim Submission


In order to be abreast with the times that the COVID 19 pandemic has placed Uganda and the world in, Uganda’s largest social security agency, the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) or the Fund is innovating by taking the benefits claims submission online, in effect launching the funds “e-journey”, a system that has been in development since 2015.

In a press statement that Guru8 has received dated 8th September, 2020, the NSSF has launched an online system to facilitate the submissions of claims for benefits by its qualifying members through their mobile devices. Qualifying members for the benefits are those who meet the criteria for the Age, Withdrawal, Invalidity, Emigration Grant and Exempted employment benefits which are provided for under the NSSF Act.

The Fund is calling its upon members “who qualify for withdrawal of their savings… (to) submit and track their claims online and through their mobile devices”, reads the press statement in part, as part of the funds innovative means to make the Fund accessible to its members.

This innovation will save the members the hustle of having to make physical visits to the NSSF offices and branches.

“The innovation, part of the Fund’s NSSFGO Mobile & Web Application will enable qualifying members (to) conveniently submit required documentation directly to the Fund and monitor progress of their benefits claims without vising NSSF offices” says Barbra Teddy Arimi in the statement, the Head of Marketing & Communications of NSSF.

Arimi also believes that the innovation will take the Fund closer to its “benefits payment turnaround time target” which is to pay qualifying members within 24 hours as opposed to the current system where members are given their payments within eight (8) days. The Fund also believes that this new system will reduce on the congestion in the Funds 19 countrywide branches as a way to observe the “government’s COVID 19 standard operating procedures” from close to 600 clients the Fund receives from all the branches combined.

How to access the platform

In order to access the online platform, the statement provides that all the member has to do is to download NSSFGO Mobile and Web Application (nssfgo.app)

Once the app has been downloaded (both from Apple Store and Google Play Store), the user will have to scroll to “Benefits Application” where they will be prompted to enter the required information and upload the necessary documentation. After filling in the mandatory data, the user submits the application. After the submission, the user will be able to tract the progress of their application “until the payment is made” to them.

The introduction of the online benefits claim does not do away with the physical submission as both will be accessible, but it is preferable to use the online means given the speeds promised.

Other services available for the members via the platform include member and employer registration, payment of contributions, updating the members contacts, retirement benefits projections, and e-statements of contributions.

Arami in the press statement adds that the fund is committed to innovating in order to become relevant to its members.

“As part of our 10 year (2015-2025) Strategic Plan, we pledged to innovating, become more relevant to our members as well as excel in business processes to be more efficient. It is a journey that we are still committed to. The NSSFGO is our pathway to unlimited service efficiency and convenience,” she added.

Users can also access other self-service platforms like the E-collections portal that allows employers to remit their employee’s contribution directly to their NSSF accounts through the bank and the mobile money platform for contributions payment by the Fund’s voluntary savers. They can also access the NSSF Payway and the USSD *254# which are mobile platforms where members can access a wide range of services.


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