Online Market Place “Suubula” Rebrands, as New Products are Launched

0 alias Suubula Store SMC has today released a statement to reveal that the “online marketplace for brands, fashion, home decor, Art and others” as it describes itself, has been rebranded.

The process for the rebrand involved the making of changes to the company trademarks and a new design for the website among others that have been in works for the past three (3) months

“Suubula Stores SMC (, Uganda’s leading marketplace, has this Friday morning unveiled its new e-commerce website following a 3-months rebranding process” reads part of the statement.

Old and New Logo

The statement further adds that the rebrand is intended to give the public a renewed experience with a variety of products including “arts and craft, books, foodstuffs, garments, beverages, home use supplies and electronics”, as priorities.

Their service is a “multi – vendor platform” that allows a trade, manufacture, creator of a product or service provider to list their range of offered products and services on their store and avail them to the several customers that are expected to flock the website.

According to the statement, it is free of charge for a vendor to open up a shop with the e-commerce platform after which one will be given access to an admin panel to be able to “add products, process orders, enter store data, monitor your sales and manage transactions”. Both sellers and buyers will also be able to access a messaging service on the platform where they will engage to be able to realise the best prices for the products on sale.

“This means a boutique owner, painter, wholesaler, beautician or gym instructor can create a store on to sell their products/services,” reads a quote from the marketplace’s Chief Executive Officer, Camble Hope, as it also allows for the “unemployed youth who can bake or pack honey or run a garden of rose flowers can list their products in a store and sell to millions of customers online”. Suubula also hopes that their platform will be able to encourage creativity among the youth and in effect reduce on the rate of unemployment in the country.

The e-commerce “platform is partnering with professional logistics firms to deliver purchased products” from the company’s home office in Ntinda to be distributed to the buyers, within Uganda and in the future, to the entire East African community. They are also working with Shopify, an international e-commerce platform to allow creators access to more visibility and better ecommerce tools to sell their products.

Some of their partners also include Fine Spinners, a local garment manufacturer, Coca Cola, Long Horn (publishers), Africa Queen, Nexus Lounge, Zenith (distributors of household items) among others.

The platform can be accessed on the company website and are located on  Plot 2 Bukenya Mall, Room 4, Kimera Road, Ntinda