Big + Box is a new eCommerce store empowering young creatives


An eCommerce store with a major focus on empowering young creatives in the fields of art and crafts has launched in Uganda.

With COVID-19 still affecting most parts of the continent, online shopping has continued gaining momentum even after some countries easing their lockdown measures. eCommerce stores have increasingly been established amid the different lockdowns in hopes of reducing in-person visits. 

The timely launch of Big + Box couldn’t be any better as the trend for online sales boomed with the help of the coronavirus. 

Despite so many ecommerce platforms being opened up, Esther Ndagire, the founder stated that the company’s commitment to connecting young people ensuring everyone finds pride and joy in wearing local brands is what differentiates them. 

The new platform is meant to showcase the artisans and their exceptional workmanship to a global audience by profiling every single entrepreneur that has their products hosted on Big + Box. The founder makes an emphasis on this by having a separate tab for all the featured artisans and their stories on what inspired their work.

Big + Box offers a variety of products in categories such as local comic books, bags, face masks, pillows, furniture, dresses, accessories, mats and so much more. The platform is also putting in place the option for customers from across the globe to order online and receive these products swiftly no-matter the location.