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In the Indian Super League, the fight for entering the playoffs is just beginning. According to the results of 1xBet online betting India, at the moment 4 teams are in the lead:

  1. ATK;
  2. Goa;
  3. North East United;
  4. Jamshedpur.

The ATK (Atletico de Kolkata) team is one of few clubs in the country’s top league that has been established just recently. The team was founded by Indian businessmen and management of the Spanish club Atletico Madrid. A Spanish specialist Antonio Lopez Abas was appointed the head coach. In the team, Spanish players are especially noticeable and they are the ones the coaching staff relies on. As resulted of the first year in the Super League, the club took first place and won gold medals. 

 According to the results of 1xbet online betting India, the latest ATK season can’t be called a success at all. The team took 6th place and wasn’t qualified for the playoff round. After the cooperation with Atletico Madrid had come to an end, the club was renamed to ATK. Before the 2020 season, the club was strengthened by several players: Dario Vidosic, Agus, Xavi Hernandez. In the new season, the team managed to come to a good shape and according to the coach, the least goal according to the results of of this season is to qualify for the playoffs. There are two ATK players in the top three scorers: Roy Krishna and David Williams. 

The “Special” returns and week-end football bets

Jose Mourinho is a very extraordinary person in the football world. His tricks on the field and at press conferences created an image of a difficult person. Despite this, no one will deny his extraordinary coaching talent. The man who brought Porto and Inter to the victory in the Champions League during the difficult times in the clubs’ history deserves respect. You can find the “Special’s” statistics at the coaching position at football bets

Now, Jose is facing a new challenge. He has already managed to leave an ambiguous mark in the history of the English Premier League and now he is to write a new page in the APL book. Thus, Mourinho is a new Tottenham head coach. The finalist of the Champions League previous season is undergoing difficult times. Perhaps, the players really need a shake-up. Tottenham’s selection of performers is impressive, but the team’s results are poor. But it makes it more interesting to place football bets at the Premier League matches and see whether Jose Mourinho succeeds in snapping the team out of a stupor.