Safe Boda Launches Food Segment as Part of New Update


SafeBoda has today launched SafeBoda Food where customers will be able to order for food via the app, from a wide number of vendors and restaurants and as a promo, have it delivered for free.

With this update, SafeBoda is mainly focusing on local and street food such as katogo, and rolex and hence SafeBoda Food is mainly made up of local restaurants.

The company argues that SafeBoda Food is everyday food that is affordable by the average Ugandan.

Although, it looks like a Jumia food replica, SafeBoda food is offering customers an opportunity to even pay within the app with cashless. Also the aspect of local and street food makes it step away from the usual high end restaurants that are on Jumia Food.

The Update is however only active on Android currently, but expected to be rolled out to IOS soon. Update your app now, and grab a bite.