The World’s First Folding Phone by Royole is such a Stunner!


Royole Corporation, a company in China beat phone makers Huawei, LG and Samsung to produce and launch the Royole FlexPai, the world’s first folding smartphone.
In the latest press release by Huawei, a folding smartphone from the company was to be launched in mid-2019, with a support for 5G network, while Samsung announced to launch a similar device later this year as it ends. LG too is set to launch such a device in 2019.


However, a new innovator, with 6 years experience on the market, headquartered in California, United States launched its own folding smartphone last week. Royole corporation was founded by graduates of Stanford University in 2012.


The tablet looking smartphone is about 19.8cm screen size and a thickness of 7.8mm, with the ability to fold in half and have two displays on one side once the other end is folded backwards.

It comes with a 6gb RAM and an inbuilt 128 GB internal storage. Another variant of the same device had an 8gb RAM with an internal storage of 256 GB. There is also a provision for an SD card to extend storage capacity. It’s operating system, Water, is based on the latest Android 9 pie. The phone goes for about USD. 1,300 on the market.