Jumia celebrates 6 years of online dominance in Africa


The largest online marketplace in the country, JUMIA, will celebrate its 6th year anniversary this July in a mega celebration running from July 16th to July 26th, 2018, with mind-blowing discounts on all products.

Jumia’s work may have only started in 2012, but the company has made great strides in the e-commerce scene. Growing from an average of 100 orders a day, the online marketplace now processes thousands a day and collectively has over 50,000 active merchants including over 4 00 local partners that they have helped develop.

In 6 years, the company has gained over 1.5 million subscribers and manages online traffic of around 500,000 shoppers monthly.

Jumia to continue breaking barriers

In just 6 years, JUMIA has succeeded in changing the face of the e-commerce sector and transforming people’s lives through technology. Despite being an international brand, the company has worked extensively to localize themselves to the Ugandan market; working with Ugandans who have succeeded in creating a local face for the company; focusing heavily on developing local brands; from micro and SME to multinationals through a variety of partnerships that cut across blue, grey and white collar workers.

Today, JUMIA offers over 13 diverse categories within its marketplace covering everything from traditional retail to handmade crafts. Their base of shoppers has grown with daily orders hitting the thousands, compared with just a few in 2012; they have educated people to trust the online shopping system, through offering options such as a cash on delivery and a 7 day return policy incase a customer is not satisfied with a product. A product range that was once less than 1000, today stands at 5 million and more.

By creating an online marketplace which requires almost no financial investment from small entrepreneurs, JUMIA has provided a place where SMEs can grow and compete on even footing.

Jumia has invested towards local sellers’ education by launching a series of educational and awareness campaigns about e-commerce. These support and encourage the growth of segments relating to the industry.

Already in progress, the company launched “Jumia University ,” to provide future online sellers a way to develop skills to become successful online. These include courses for HR, digital marketing, soft skills and commercial planning. This is to provide Ugandan youths, and others wanting to join in on the industry, a chance and opportunity to create viable self-employment through starting a business.

Super birthday sale.

In commemoration of its sixth anniversary, Jumia is holding a mega birthday sale that will see customers get up to 75% discount off on items starting Monday 16th July 2018 until 26th July 2018.

Commenting on the celebrations of this anniversary, Regional Director of Jumia, Mr. Sefik Bagdadioglu, noted that this year’s celebration offers more potential customers to buy different products at low cost and affordable prices.
“As we celebrate 6 years of revolutionary online shopping in Africa, it remains our desire to create a great environment for entrepreneurship and businesses to succeed in this country. Jumia is committed to supporting the country’s economy through digital trading and opening the employment doors through developing skills within the sector.”

For this 2018 celebration, Jumia has collaborated with its partners such as: MTN, Xiaomi, Anisuma, and Kiboko P&G. These partners will be headlining the anniversary sale offering the very best prices on a wide assortment of products.

Speaking at a press conference to mark the anniversary, Mr. Rizwan Devani, the local distributor from global phone brand Xiaomi, noted, “We are happy to be part of the 6th anniversary of Jumia. It is a great opportunity to work with a company that is committed to creating a business revolution across the country and Africa as a whole. For many Ugandans, this concept is still strange to them but it has great benefits.” Following their global strategy line, the chinese smartphone giant – which have based its growth on online sale & marketing – will be launching the latest Redmi S2 during Jumia Anniversary. Renowned for its amazing price / quality ratio, the S2 will impress all selfie fans across the country with its 16MP front camera and natural selfie-light

Sunil Bhagchandani from Anisuma – East African distributors for brands such as Sony, Canon, Nikon – added, “We are confident that our business will benefit strongly from online presence on Jumia. It’s an unique way to reach more customers – who can now simply order our products from home, and have them delivered throughout Uganda. Jumia represents a unique opportunity to join the online revolution”. Discover Anisuma amazing promotions on Sony, Hitashi, Panasonic TVs & Appliances by connecting on Jumia during the anniversary.