Outbox Hub partners with Moringa School in Kenya to build the next generation of world-class developers


Since its founding in 2012, Outbox has been at the forefront of developing the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem in Uganda. Through its partners and programmes, it has provided access to seed funding, business training, mentorship & technical guidance to enable multiple startups to succeed. It is through this work that Outbox noticed the severe shortage of industry relevant software development skills in the country not only for the startups in their community but also the various organisations both for-profit and nonprofit.

Outbox, in collaboration with Kenya, based Moringa School – launched today the first in a series of coding boot camps focused on imparting industry relevant software engineering skills to young people. A coding boot camp is a short and intensive technical training program that teaches programming skills that employers look for, in an immersive environment.

The initiative, dubbed Outbox EDU, will see Outbox offer Moringa School’s technology training course through a five-week full-time computer science fundamentals course known as “Moringa Prep,” in June 2018.  Moringa Prep covers the foundational concepts of all high-level programming languages. Applications are now open and are here 

Founded in 2014, Moringa School is a learning accelerator that provides its students with both digital and professional skills training. It is an intensive tech education program based in Nairobi, Kenya. The school has been successful in Kenya, Ghana, Pakistan and Hong Kong.  In 2018 alone, it received over 1100 applicants and taught 500+ students. Moringa School has a 95% job placement rate, and its graduates receive a 350% salary increase after leaving the program.

Through the partnership, Outbox will tap into Moringa’s experience in developing and delivering industry relevant technology education. It will also tap into its 40+ hiring partners all over the African continent to ensure that Outbox EDU graduates receive employment opportunities after graduation.

“With this partnership, our young people will be able to tap into world-class learning & employment opportunities, thus improving the quality of our offering to potential software engineers in Uganda,” said Richard Zulu, CEO at Outbox. “Our collaboration with Moringa School goes a long way in supporting our mission to grow inclusive communities that foster talent where we operate. We are very excited to be working with them in Uganda and tapping into a Pan-African network.”

Besides the technical skills, Moringa’s blended learning approach will allow for Outbox EDU participants to receive soft skills that also prepare them for the job or entrepreneurship market, supporting their transition to the labour market.

Moringa Prep will be offered to individuals with limited or no experience in software engineering. All one needs is to have the passion, be computer literate, and have considerations of pursuing a career in technology.

“We are excited to launch in Kampala, Uganda with an incredible partner like Outbox Hub,” says Audrey Cheng, Co-Founder and CEO of Moringa School. “This partnership will ensure we continue to provide access to our quality education programs to more individuals in other parts of the continent.”

The Moringa Prep initiative under Outbox EDU will run from June 2018 to July 2018. It will select up-to 35 participants for five weeks of intensive training, with a focus on both technical skills and soft skills. Through the partnership with Moringa School, Outbox seeks to train up-to 200 software developers each year.

More information can be viewed at https://outbox.co.ug/outbox-edu/moringaprep