You Can Now Read Your Newsletters Via Kindle; Here’s How


Don’t you just love how technology makes life easier every second of every day?

I mean you can now have access to a personal assistant ready with directions to that get away place you have always wanted to visit, ready to call anyone on request and able to give you weather forecasts so your plans are not messed up. Yes, all that can be done in just one simple step: Siri, should I carry an umbrella tomorrow? Thank me later.

With technology came the Amazon Kindle a device that enables users to browse, buy, download and read e-books, magazines and newspapers via a wireless connection to the Kindle Store. What that meant for the student, business guru and avid reader is you do not have to carry tons of books around. And now you can add newsletters to that collection of publications you can access on your Kindle thanks to the N2Kindle platform.

What N2Kindle does is it lets you read your newsletters on your Kindle immediately they get to your inbox. Here’s a prospect of you enjoying your daily dose of information without having to switch between numerous apps.

All you have to do is sign up as a user with your Kindle email address and a personal N2Kindle address is created for you to be able to sign up for newsletters. The rest is history. You will only sit back and relax as technology automatically converts your newsletter to a Kindly friendly layout, forwards it to your email address and ka-boom, newsletter on your Kindle.

N2Kindle gives you the chance to test the product first in a 30 day trial. If impressed, the service goes for 1€ a month. Before your smile fades, N2Kindle also offers a free service when you share N2Kindle with friends – just two friends.

This is a Guest Blog by Kahuubire Pauline