Huawei Uganda Awarded for its Trade Compliance Practices

It not only enhances government efficiency, helps enterprises improve the internal management, enjoy the trade facilitation measures, but also create more value for the East African Community



Huawei Uganda has been awarded for its customs compliance practices with an Authorized Economic Operator Certificate by Uganda Revenue Authority. This Status is to enable Huawei enjoy trade facilitation benefits of having its customs clearance done in eight hours prior to the previous four or five days and also enable Huawei provide better services to local business customers and product end-users.

The Authorized Economic Operator Program which is also a world Customs Organization Standard was started by Uganda Revenue Authority in an effort to facilitate and perform its numerous functions in the collection of government Revenue, protection of Society and award of compliant organization to the custom laws, regulations and procedures. It not only enhances government efficiency, helps enterprises improve the internal management, enjoy the trade facilitation measures, but also create more value for the East African Community


“URA is happy to partner with the industry leading company like Huawei since it has global experience. Huawei is qualified as AEO in both China and Uganda, which makes business simplified and quality of services improved since there shall be importation with ease. We look at having customs clearance at a time below eight hours with AEO”, said Mr. Dicksons Kateshumbwa, the Acting Commissioner General of Uganda Revenue Authority.

Huawei is honored to be an Authorized Economic Operator, as a model company and industry leader with an international value chain, using global best practices.