5 Reasons to Use Hellofood to Celebrate the Ladies in Your Life

  1. We have the widest virtual food menu

With over 170 restaurants menus on the platform, there is no more exhaustive virtual food menu in Uganda. Meaning one has a wide variety of menu items to select from; hence all the ladies you want to celebrate or celebrate with can be sure to find something that they want.

  1. Warm delicious food delivered to your doorstep

Hellofood has an experienced and professional fleet of drivers located in the different parts of Kampala and Entebbe and  are equipped  with protective gear and thermo boxes to keep the food or drinks at their required temperatures’, plus smart phones and software applications to ensure that  all orders are delivered in under 60 minutes or as speculated per order. Meaning finally you can celebrate the ladies in your life by ordering for them a delicious meal prepared and delivered by professionals and just enjoy the day with the ladies in your life, plus you can use MTN mobile money and order for those you can-not be with on this women’s day or week as some ladies are labelling it.

  1. Hellofood’s deals are easy on your pocket

The meals and drinks on Hellofood have a variety of price ranges, that and the various deals offered by both Hellofood and the partner restaurants mean the meals and drinks on Hellofood are very affordable. For instance you can order one pizza and get one free, if that doesn’t set the torn for the celebrations then not wasting time in traffic and having the food delivered to where ever you are certainly will.

  1. Hellofood brings you cuisines from everywhere at your fingertips

All globally recognized cuisines are well represented on platform, From Continental, seafood, Japanese, Ugandan, Indian, Greek, Thai  and Chinese to mention but a few. Hence no need to worry that the ladies in your life might have cravings that can-not be cooked by you, or that what they want might keep changing.

  1. Bring your Ladies favorite restaurant home

Finally she does not have to go through the hustle of braving the traffic or having to leave her visitors at home just to go get them particular food from a certain restaurant or even have to abandon her visitors and head to the kitchen to wipe up something to eat. Hellofood is also open from 9am up until 10 Pm every day of the year, meaning you can count on us to deliver to you and the lady or ladies you want to celebrate.