The popular streaming service Netflix which even has its’ own global trend ‘Netflix and chill’ is now available in Uganda. Netflix which was be only available in a few countries like the USA, UK, Australia and a few other is now available in Uganda without geo-restrictions. 

We no longer need to hide behind pricey VPNs and virtual credit cards to access Netflix content. I guess Netflix realised many people in  various countries were doing so which led to a rather global launch. The website no longer shows the hated “Not available in your country” notice but it shows the shows that are available and pricing rates. Netflix can be accessed through the website ( and mobile apps on Android, iOS and windows.

Netflix is pricing starts at $7.99 (about 28,000 Ugs) for the basic package, $9.99 and $11.99. I personally recommend the $10 package because it supports high definition playback and you get the ability to watch on 2 screens at a time.

Here is a table showing what each package comes with;


The prices are better than what you pay for price Pay-TV providers like DSTV but internet packages are very expensive or speeds are capped. The challenge is the Fair Usage Policies of unlimited internet providers are now bogas. Reports from Techjaja show that Netflix will consume up to a gigabyte after an hour of streaming.

You will also notice that coverage map of Netflix is no longer red only on the right. Since its now available almost everywhere except China, and North Korea for reasons based on censorship.


Well, it’s good to have Netflix we only wish ISPs could create internet packages that are suitable for streaming at a low rate.

Hey, Spotify…..what are you waiting for! Africa is giving some dollars to the fruit named company as it waits.