Hellofood gives out food in fight against hunger


Hellofood Uganda in honor of its promise to collect its customers wishes of the items chosen through commenting on the facebook post as part of the You say we give campaign is giving out 70 kgs of maize, 60 kgs of Sugar, 30 kgs of Flour, 50 kgs of Beans and 60 kgs of Rice to the 40/40 to be delivered to the Elohim Child development center.

Hellofood is the leading online food delivery marketplace in Uganda. With over 150 restaurants live on the portal, the company delivers a diversified array of food for the clients at their office desk or home in the fastest and most cost-effective way.”

Mr. Ron Kawamara, Managing Director Hellofood Uganda said, “We at Hellofood want to remind the general public that the plight of hunger is still a major issue even in our own backyard, because we live in a world where we have the capacity to feed everyone who needs food. We produce enough to feed all those who yawn. What is lacking is not resources, as hunger is not for the poorest nations, but looms large even in the most advanced economies. All that is missing is the re-awakening of what connects us, what makes us human. When we go back to the core of who we are, it is not acceptable to enjoy a meal when your neighbor is hungry. To be human is to act – as individuals, communities, companies, and governments. Hunger is no match for the human spirit.

We have revolutionized food delivery in Uganda. And we’re passionately committed to ensuring not only our clients in Kampala and Entebbe are furnished with high standard food but also the riders association in the community where we operate,” added Ron. 

Mr. Benjamin Rukwengye, Head of programmes and operations at 40-40 said, “World Food Day is important to us because it is a reminder that millions are still trapped in hunger and should serve as an inspiration for those that have to sustainably ensure that the most vulnerable amongst us have a meal and good health to break the cycle of poverty.

The work we do at 40-40 is to provide a platform for others to contribute and create decent lives for poor and vulnerable children in the communities around us. Partnerships like the one with Hello Food that support our vision enable us to get closer to our objects and we are happy that you continue to support our work in building communities.”